Turbo-charge your Google Slides

With SlidesPro, you can create better Google Slides presentations much faster.

Slidespro provides enhanced tools and features so that
you can create pro slides more effectively and rapidly

Insert icons, images, position elements or colour them and more!

With SlidesPro, you have access to additional functionalities that will save you time and help you out when building presentations.

Material Design Icons

Icons with colors

With our icons tools, you can rapidly search for icons, change their color and insert them directly into your slide


Beautiful Images

With our Images wizard, you will have access to Unsplash's beautiful library of images right from the sidebar. Enter your keywords, and select the image you like, it is that simple!

youtube & giphy

Videos, Gifs and Stickers

With our wizard tools, you will be able to insert YouTube videos and search and insert GIFs and Stickers from Giphy!

Custom color palette


We have also built a tool on your sidebar so that you can change background, border and font colors with a single click. And now, you can also customise them!

Advanced wizards

Wizards to create Maps and Graphs

With our wizard tools, you will be empowered to create new maps and graphs with a single click

Wizard Maps

Create maps from the world regions or specific countries with the touch of a button

Wizard Graphs

Add a wide range of graphs and diagrams easily and rapidly

Manipulate elements

Position, Re-size and more

Have access to all the shortcuts you need to align, order and manipulate all elements within your slide right from the sidebar!


One plan for everyone

We offer pricing plans that fit individuals and all business types and sizes.

Pro - Beta User
/ month

Since we are still in trial, all users will get our SlidesPro add-on for free during trial! Might be a good time to download and share ;)

  • Position elements relative to each other
  • Re-size elements
  • Colour backgrounds, borders and fonts with a single click
  • Order and align objects
  • Create maps for your presentations
  • Add graphs easily
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